Segotep | Company Culture
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Xin Gu, an emerging IT brand, focuses on the DIY “electromechanical products” business and proactively promotes the development of industry standards. R & D team in the switching power supply, with several years of research and development and production experience, focus on the cause of DIY power products, determined to inject a strong source of DIY power computer market, for the majority of users and friends to provide quality and efficient power products.

Xin Gu power product production background: The factory was founded in 1986, in the switching power supply, with nearly 20 years of research and development and production experience, has been for many years to a professional power supplier as the goal, the product line from the initial extension of PC power to Server-specific power, BAREBONE, printers, cell phone chargers and other computer information, communications networks, video in all areas, product rich, high performance, well received by all IT industry.

After 17 years of development and expansion of the factory, relying on the strong R & D and financial background, relying on excellent R & D team and perfect product testing system, Xin Gu brand was officially established in 2003. At present the factory built-in electromagnetic compatibility testing, noise testing, high temperature environment and ultra-low temperature environment testing room. The full range of production lines imported advanced computer automation control, so that the production, assembly, testing a line to complete, to ensure that every one of the Xin Valley power products for testing to ensure the quality of Xin Gu Power. The full range of export products have passed FCC, CE, CSA, CB and other 10 international standards certification. Domestic sales have passed CCC China Compulsory Certification.